About Spooky Squid

Located in the snowy wastes of Toronto, Canada, Spooky Squid Games was founded in late 2008 by pixel artist and game designer Miguel Sternberg with developer Andrij Pilkiw rounding out the team with his programming prowess. The studio originally formed to create a prototype for Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution, a militant stealth gardening game . After releasing several well regarded free games they produced the studio’s first commercial game in 2012, They Bleed Pixels, a 'lo-fi gothic' platformer beat'em up available on Steam. Andrij’s latest game projects can be found at his new venture, Havelock Games.

Artist Alina Sechkin joined up in 2015 to lend her pixel pushing talents. Together with Miguel, they’ve created Russian Subway Dogs, a systemic arcade game inspired by the real life stray dogs of the Moscow Metro. Russian Subway Dogs is out now for Windows, Mac and Linux and is coming soon to consoles!

About Miguel

A veteran of Toronto’s indie game scene, Miguel is a former co-founder of Capybara Games and The Hand Eye Society, an indie game arts and culture group where he served as president from 2014-2016. His pixel art has graced the back cover of Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, the movie Crank, the web game Legends of Zork, as well as several aging cellphone games based on major movie franchises. Through the Hand Eye Society he started Comics vs Games, a series of projects and events taking place in and around the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) that work to bridge the indie game and comic communities.


Discovering Toronto's indie game scene thanks to DMG, Alina Sechkin's pixel art appears in Will O’Neill's Actual Sunlight and Little Red Lie as well as Necrosoft's Playstation Vita game Oh, Deer! Her art was also featured in the DPAD2 game culture exhibition. She joined the Spooky Squid team in May 2015 and is lending her pixel art talents to Russian Subway Dogs. 

What's the deal with Guerrilla Gardening Seeds of Revolution?

Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution was planned to be our first commercial game project. A revolutionary militant stealth gardening game that we did extensive prototyping and pre-production work on from 2009 to late 2010. Unfortunately it was an extremely ambitious game and we did not have access to the funding needed to complete it. It's currently mothballed for the foreseeable future.  We still believe it's a really great idea and one we may eventually return to. You can read about it, view the trailer, concept art and extensive development videos here:

The Guerrilla Gardening Seeds of Revolution memorial archive page