Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence (2009)

A 2-player co-op arcade game set in the world of Night of the Cephalopods.

Lady Amber Pennyworth (scientist, suffragette, and researcher of the occult) and Winston Mainspring (her clockwork valet and lab assistant) have found their cottage lab besieged by foul eldritch octopi. Armed with only a hammer and a fowling shotgun filled with low-grade birdshot they must defend the cottage for as long as they can. Team work is ESSENTIAL!

Requires Windows XP or better. Full gamepad support including rumble on Xbox360 Gamepads.


F.A.Q. / Troubleshooting

Are there plans to create a full game out of CCCD?
Not currently, though there are definitely some key concepts from it we'd like to explore further in future games.

Will there ever be a Mac/Linux version?
Unlikely. As much as we'd like to have it available for all operating systems the older version of GameMaker it was created in doesn't easily support porting to Mac or Linux. However if we create an expanded version of the game that might change!

I'm Getting an "XINPUT1_3.dll not found" error / My gamepad isn't working.
You'll need to update your copy of Direct X from here.

The game doesn't quit when I hit Esc.
This is an intermittent issue with newer versions of Windows and games created with GameMaker 8 and earlier. You can still exit by hitting Alt+F4.

Keyboard controls are glitchy/non-responsive
Most keyboards can only register so many keys at one time. Which keys these are depends on the individual keyboard.  Try changing your keyboard controls in the option screen till you find a combination that works for your particular keyboard.

Slow frame-rate or sluggish controls
Try turning off 'Alpha Effects' and setting 'Particle Level' to low.

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Miguel Sternberg:  Code / art / sound design
Scott Moyle: Hurt robot voice
Clarissa Dernederlanden: Hurt scientist voice

Created using Game Maker 7.0 Pro

In addition the following 3rd party dlls were used for sound and Xbox 360 gamepad support:
GMXInput.dll by Yellowsix
supersound.dll by tsg1zzn

The sound effects and soundtrack use audio from Freesounds.org and are used under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License. These sounds were created by the following people:

Music by: Dan Oberbauer, Connum

Sound effects use samples by Freesounds users:
AaronGNP,  adcbicycle, cognito perceptu, ct9smart, digifishmusic, Djeuphoria, djgriffin, HardPCM, Herbert Boland, l0calh05t
nthompson - nick thompson, petenice, Rock Savage, Shades, Syna-Max, sverga, tigersound, vibe_crc, wolfsinger, walter odington